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VPA - Accumulator

Accumulator tank optimally prepared for connection to heat pumps.

VPA is a range of water heaters intended primarily to be connected to heat pumps. They are also suitable for use with other heat sources. VPA is manufactured in three sizes, 200/70, 300/200 and 450/300.

The water heater is made up of a hot water tank, encased by a double jacket of sheet steel. The hot water tank is fitted with copper or enamel corrosion protection on the inside.

The water heaters are designed and approved to meet current pressure vessel standards.

Due to the polyurethane foam insulation the water heater provides excellent thermal insulation.

If necessary VPA enables the use of an immersion heater for sensor controlled hot water heating.

The cold water supply line must be fitted with safety equipment in accordance with current standards.

If the water heaters are heated to more than 65 °C, a mixing valve must be fitted. The highest permitted temperature is 100 °C.


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