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VVM 300 - Electric boiler

This electric boiler is specially designed to work with FIGHTER 2020.

VVM 300 is intended for homes with water based heating and is directly adapted for connection and communication with the air/water heat pump FIGHTER 2020.

It features a 170-litres hot water heater and is equipped with a climate-controlled, automatic bypass system.

NIBE VVM 300 is an electric boiler designed for houses with water borne heating. It consists of a double jacketed pressure vessel, two immersion heaters and intelligent controls. VVM 300 is designed for connection and communication with outdoor heat pump FIGHTER 2005 and FIGHTER 2020 of 8 kW and 10 kW.

VVM 300, together with FIGHTER 2005/2020, creates a complete heating and hot water unit. VVM 300 is equipped with a control box that currently makes it the most economical operator, regarding both for the integrated immersion heaters (max 13.5 kW) and compressor operation in FIGHTER 2005/2020.

VVM 300 comes complete with an automatic by-pass, three way valve, circulation pumps, and safety equipment. VVM is designed for simple connection to FIGHTER 2005/2020.

VVM 300 controls FIGHTER 2005/2020, which runs with floating condensation towards the heating system.

If FIGHTER 2005/2020 cannot meet the heating requirement, additional heat is shunted in from VVM 300. When the outside temperature drops below the set stop temperature VVM 300 engages and takes over the heating.

VVM 300 is easy to install. All pipe connections are easily accessible. This is especially useful for the replacement market.

VVM 300 is equipped with a complete set of valves, consisting of a drain valve, filling valve, vacuum valve, non-return valve, and safety valve for the water heater section. The boiler section is equipped with a drain valve, filler valve and safety valve. In addition, the unit is equipped with climate controlled automatic bypasses with outdoor and flow sensors, shunt valve, circulation pump and expansion vessel.

VVM 300 is equipped with an intelligent control. This makes for easy operation at the same time as always enabling the electric boiler to run as efficiently as possible. The control also manages the automatic bypass and circulation pumps. Current temperatures and set values can be shown on the display.

The insulation consists of moulded, freon-free polyurethane which is equivalent to approximately 70 mm mineral wool.

The outer casing is of white powder coated steel plate. The upper and lower front covers are attached by catches to facilitate removal.


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