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FLM 30/40 - Exhaust air modules

The ideal solution for new buildings, FLM 30/40 meets the requirements set out in the Energy saving directive.

FLM 30 and FLM 40 are exhaust air modules specially designed to combine recovery of mechanical exhaust air of the heat source in the ground or brine.

FLM 30 and FLM 40 are designed to connect to the FIGHTER 1140/1240 or FIGHTER 1330 heat pump type. The built-in fan in FLM 30 and FLM 40 extracts the air from the wet areas of the house to the module. Here the recovered energy is transferred to the heat pump from the ground probe or earth collector. This leads to an increase of the temperature of the heat source and enhances the heating capacity of the heat pump. Even when the heat pump is not in operation, energy is stored in the ground and the exhaust air energy is utilised to the full.

The brine/water heat pump capacity is not bound by the amount of air as with an exhaust air heat pump, but the output can be optimally adapted to suit the size of the house.

FLM 30 and FLM 40 are best connected directly to FIGHTER 1240, but can also be wall-mounted.

  • FLM 30 and FLM 40 can be connected to FIGHTER 1140/1240/1330 irrespective of output size.
  • A total solution for heat recovery from the exhaust air, as well as the increase of the energy levels of the ground or brine.
  • The length of the collectors can be optimised.
  • High fan capacity and low sound level.
  • Simple installation.


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