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Filsol Solar have been manufacturing solar collectors, ands supplying solar water heating systems for over 20 years. The collector, based on a high efficiency stainless steel absorber plate, is widely regarded as one of the most effective and long lasting solar collector available – this is backed up with a 10 year collector warranty.

Filsol Solar's systems are designed to provide a contribution of 50% to 70% of household annual water heating requirements. A system will typically provide over 90% of water heating energy needs in the summer, 50% to 60% in spring and autumn and 20% in winter months.

In independent tests performed for the DTI, a Filsol Solar system in a household of five people was monitored. The system was found to supply approximately 70% of the household's annual hot water energy needs. The results compared favorably with the other flat plate and evacuated tube solar water heating systems monitored. The Filsol Solar system performed to the same level of efficiency in all months of the year showing that they system will not only perform well in long sunny summer days but will also make a contribution in the shorter days of winter. When price, energy contribution and collector guarantee are taken into account, the Filsol Solar system provides value for money that is hard to match.

Contribution by Filso Solar system to household water heating energy requirements in DTI monitored house.

Blue – Hot water energy requirement. Orange – useful solar contribution.

With the price of oil, gas and electricity generally projected to increase in coming years, a Filsol Solar system will provide more and more cost savings as time goes on.


Solar Water Heating System Options

•  Household
•  Commercial
•  Roof Integrated
•  On-rood
•  DIY Kits
•  Swimming Pool Systems


System Integration
A Filsol Solar system integrates easily with conventional water heating systems. This means there is minimum disruption when a system is fitted into a house. The operating principles of a typical system are shown below.

An electronic controller constantly compares the temperature of the solar collectors with the temperature of the water in the cylinder.

Whenever the collectors are hotter than the cylinder, the controller switches on the system's circulating pump. A mixture of antifreeze and water is then circulated through the collectors and the cylinder's heat exchanger, heating the cylinder in just the same way as a central heating boiler.

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