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RCU 10 - Communication Module

The RCU 10 enables operations on a NIBE heat pump (FIGHTER 360P, 1140, 1240, 1250, 1330) to be controlled and monitored using a computer connected to a local network or via the Internet. The integrated GSM module also enables control and monitoring by sending text messages from a mobile phone.

With the computer or the moblie phone you can for example operate:

  • room temperature
  • fan speed
  • operating mode
  • activate extra hot water

The following heat pumps can be operated with the communication module:

System requirements

  • Pentium 133 MHz
  • 5 MB free hard disk space
  • Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP
  • Network card (Ethernet)

If a different operating system than Windows is used the configuration software cannot be used. Then connect to the RCU's preset IP address in the web browser and use the web interface to change the network settings. See section "Starting" – "Logging"

Note that all configuration of the unit requires that a computer with support for "JAVA-applets" is connected, even if only text messaging is going to be used. Download on java.com.

You need an internet connection to be able to communicate via Internet.

The modem requires a 3.3-V SIM card (if you want to communicate with the heat pump via SMS).


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