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HPAC - Cooling/Heating System

Cooling/Heating Systems with Geothermal exchange.

HPAC is an accessory that turns the FIGHTER 1140/ 1240 and 1330 NIBE brine/water heat pumps into complete climate systems.

In the winter the heat pump extracts thermal energy from the heat source and heats the house via the fan convectors. When there is less need for cooling, brine from the cold ground probe circulates through the fan convectors and passively cools the house. However on hot days the heat pump starts and actively cools the fan converter by delivering the available thermal energy to the ground probe system. This results in effective cooling of the house while at the same time charging the ground probe system for winter days.

HPAC provides the most economic and environmentally friendly, total solution for heating, comfort cooling as well as hot water production.

Instead of fan convectors, cooling blankets, air coolers for ventilation systems etc. can be connected for cooling.

  • The most economical and environment-friendly total solution for heating, comfort cooling and hot water production.
  • Heat pump connected to a collect with gathers geothermal energy from the ground, bedrock and groundwater, giving up to 75% free heat.
  • Two-phase cooling duty – active and passive.
  • Passive cooling from ground collector with circulation pump operation only. Capacity depends on temperature level in ground/bedrock.
  • Active cooling with about 50% higher efficiency that conventional air conditioning, thanks to geothermal heat exchange and optimal unit design.
  • Environment-friendly – no emissions and no noisy external units.
  • Fully-automatic intelligent regulation which always five the room comfort you want and which prioritises hot water charging.
  • Heat and cooling are distributed via water in a system of pipes to a number of fan coils with built-in fans which efficiently distribute the heat/cooling over a large room volume.
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