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Sustainable Energy Ireland operates a number of programmes that provide financial supports to demonstrate superior energy technologies or provide essential support in specifically identified sectors.  These supports will allow Ireland become a leader in sustainable supply and the use of energy. Funding is available in the following areas:

Domestic – The Greener Homes Scheme Phase III

The Greener Homes Scheme is now available and provides assistance to homeowners who intend to purchase a new renewable energy heating system for existing homes. The scheme is administered by Sustainable Energy Ireland and aims to increase the use of sustainable energy technologies within Irish homes.

Level of Funding Available:

The levels of grant support available for each technology are as follows

Heat Pump – Vertical Ground €3,500
Heat Pump – Horizontal Ground €2,500
Heat Pump – Water to Water €2,500
Heat Pump – Air Source €2,000
Solar Panel – Flat Plate €250/ m2 (to max. of 6m2)
Solar - Evacuated Tube €300/ m2 (to max. of 6m2)

Please note only one grant will be provided per dwelling under Phase II and where a dwelling has had an installation funded under Phase I that dwelling will not be eligible for further grant aid under the Scheme.


Who Can Avail of the Scheme?

The following conditions will apply in the evaluation of grant applications and all conditions must be met in advance of any approval of a grant.

  • Applicant must confirm that the dwelling for which they are applying is an existing dwelling, has an existing heating system and has been occupied for a minimum of one year.
  • Applicant must be the homeowner and must have full possession of the property where the system is to be installed.
  • Applicant must fully complete the Greener Homes Application Form with information valid at time of application.
  • Applicant must supply bank account and sort code details to facilitate electronic payment of the grant. (Please note that currently we cannot process EBS and Credit Union accounts).
  • Applicant must agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions of the Scheme (see Section 11 of the Application Guide)
  • Product must be listed, at the date of application, on the Registered Product List (available on request or online at www.sei.ie/greenerhomes )
  • Installer must be listed, at the date of application and on the date of system commissioning, on the Registered Installer List
  • SEI must still have adequate funding available to it pursuant to the relevant phase of the Scheme in order to be able to approve the relevant application

If you have any queries please call 1850 734 734 or email greenerhomes@sei.ie

How to Apply:

Before applying, applicants are advised to read the Scheme Application Guide and relevant support documentation.

Application should be made on the Scheme Application Form and sent to:

Greener Homes Scheme
Sustainable Energy Ireland
Dublin 9

Once a completed application form has been received it will be evaluated by SEI against the above Approval Criteria.  If approved, a Letter of Offer will be issued to the applicant. The offer will only be validated upon the applicant indicating the applicant’s acceptance of offer by returning a signed copy of the Letter of Offer to SEI, which must be received within 30 days of date of issue.

The grant offer remains valid for 12 months from the date of issue of the Letter of Offer. The offer will automatically lapse after this date.

Greener Homes Scheme Grant Payment Procedure

Upon completion of the installation, and payment having been made in respect of the supply and installation of the equipment, the applicant must make a formal request to SEI for payment comprising the following:

  1. Completed Request for Payment Form
  2. Invoice and receipt of payment to installer separately detailing full cost of equipment and installation* (in instances where the total amount paid is less than the grant approved then the lesser amount will be paid)
  3. Completed Standard Commissioning Report signed by the installer (downloadable here, see below)

*Note: If equipment was purchased separately, please provide separate invoices and receipts for payment of full equipment cost and installation charges.

Once all documentation is in order, and a satisfactory inspection completed (see Section 10), the grant will be paid electronically to the applicant’s bank account and an accompanying letter notifying payment will be sent to the applicant.While, SEI will endeavour to minimise the period, applicants should allow an 8 to 10 week period for this process to be completed.

Other Grants: Buildings and Housing:

1. Buildings and Housing

Low Carbon Homes Programme : This Call for Expressions of Interest will supports new levels of sustainable energy innovation in the design and specification of Irish housing. The focus is on delivering a stream of innovative demonstrations with a capacity for market and policy influence – specifically with the potential for application in the next generation of Irish housing. These solutions will entail the combination of strong energy efficiency measures, renewable energy integration and use of smart ICT technologies.
The call is open to proposals from both developers and individuals. The preferred scale of project is of between 5 and 15 units. However, support will also be considered in respect of “show house” type constructions intended to test or demonstrate “proof of concept” for further developments. Support for one-off dwellings will not be precluded, but will depend in particular on the capacity and commitment of the project to act as an accessible demonstrator with a capacity for replication and mainstream market and policy influence.

Warmer Homes Scheme - this programme provides funding to Community Based Organisations for the installation of energy efficiency measures in low income dwellings in their respective geographic areas. The homes to receive the services are specifically identified by the Community Based Organisations

Public and Commercial Sector - the aim of this programme is to stimulate the application of improved energy efficiency design strategies, technologies and services in public sector construction and retrofit projects, acting as both an exemplar for good practice and as a demand leader for the services and technologies involved. This programme part funds energy efficiency design strategies, technologies and services in public sector construction and retrofit projects. The programme also funds a number of Energy Management Bureaux operating in the public sector.

2. Renewable and Alternative Energies

Renewable Heat (ReHeat) Deployment Programme - provides assistance for the deployment of renewable heating systems in industrial, commercial, public and community premises in Ireland. The programme is an expansion of the previous Bioheat Boiler Deployment Programme which supported woodchip or pellet boilers only but has now expanded to include solar panels and heat pumps under the newly launched scheme.

Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Deployment Programme - The new SEI CHP Deployment Programme will provide grant support to assist the deployment of small-scale (<1MWe) fossil fired CHP and biomass (anaerobic digestion (AD) and wood residue) CHP systems. It supersedes the “Combined Heat and Power RD&D” Programme.

Renewable Energy Research, Development and Demonstration (RERDD) Programme - the goal of the programme is to make a positive impact on the implementation of renewable energy in Ireland. The current programme strategy is focussed on areas with utility-scale, grid connected RE featuring strongly. The programme will seek those applications that present excellent possibilities for replication and acceleration of the take up of appropriate RE technologies which are near market and also on assessing the development of future renewable energy technologies.

Sustainable Energy Incubator Programme - In order to foster business development and to bridge financial gaps faced by new sustainable energy ventures, SEI is considering funding up to ten high potential new and existing ventures through their incubation process. This Sustainable Energy Incubator Programme allows for the funding of annual incubation fees and some supplementary business-support activities for business ventures operating in areas directly related to sustainable energy and climate change.

3. EU Programmes

FP7 Programme - On 6 April the European Commission adopted a proposal for a new EU programme for Research. The proposal provides new impetus to increase Europe's growth and competitiveness, recognising that knowledge is Europe's greatest resource. The programme places greater emphasis than in the past on research that is relevant to the needs of European industry, to help it compete internationally, and develop its role as a world leader in certain sectors.

Home Energy Saving (H.S.E.) Grants

This grant is available to home owners with existing houses ,landlords with multiple properties.

Grants Available:

Roof 250.00
Wall cavity 400.00
Drylining 2500.00
External 4000.00
Heating controls 700.00
90% efficiency upgrade 500.00
BER assessment 200.00

For more info go to sei.ie.

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