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Mechanical ventilation system with local outside air post-flow, which heats domestic hot water and radiator water using exhaust air energy.

Area of application

The NIBE FIGHTER 310P is designed for single and two-family houses and with heat demands of about 4 – 6 kW (NE standard) with an average room height of 2.50 m.

Technical description

In the NIBE FIGHTER 310P the controlled domestic ventilation system with heat recovery via a heat pump is combined with heating the domestic hot water and radiator water.

The NIBE FIGHTER 310P is a complete system to replace both the conventional gas condensing boiler, hot water tank and the separate heat recovery ventilation system.

The NIBE FIGHTER 310P is ideal for both low-temperature heating systems and under floor and wall heating.

The weather-controlled microprocessor continually ensures the system's efficient operation and guarantees a constant room temperature as part of this. The NIBE FIGHTER 310P also has additional heating in the form of an integrated immersion heater, which is changeable between 3.0 and 13.5 kW. This only switches on automatically when required, as the basic heating function is provided by the heat pump.

The fan can be set to three levels just with the press of a key. It is also controlled by the microprocessor and for instance, it can be automatically reset to normal fan operation after six hours of high-power fan operation.

The operator panel has all its switches and buttons arranged in a user-friendly manner, making it easy to operate.


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