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NIBE FIGHTER 1240 is a complete ground source heat pump unit for heating single-family houses.

The NIBE FIGHTER 1240 has been equipped with a control panel that offers plenty of functions.

The new features are:

  • Larger control panel with clear symbols
  • The easily understandable controls simplify the control and operation of the heat pump
  • Double heat curves
  • Programmable for climate and cooling control
  • Clock
  • Timer for temperature control
  • Timer for hot water function
  • Prepared for GSM- and Internet-integration
  • Control unit for swimming pools
  • Alarm logbook
  • Choice of language
  • Soft start relays
  • Prepared for the configuration of four different installation systems
  • Display of the refrigerant temperature


NIBE FIGHTER 1240 is a complete ground source heat pump unit for heating single-family houses.

This type of unit is available in seven different variants with output levels from 5 to 12 kW.

The efficiency of the NIBE FIGHTER 1240 is high, thanks to a highly efficient compressor in a well-dimensioned refrigerant circuit. This results in the considerable coefficient of performance (COP) of 5,0 at 0 °C incoming cooling medium temperature and 35 °C outgoing heating medium temperature (including circulation pumps).

The NIBE FIGHTER 1240 is designed in such a manner, that the compressor and the refrigerant unit is housed in a separate enclosure for easier servicing. As a result the compressor features double sound-proofing, resulting in very low noise levels. Both the circulation pumps are built-in and the heat source circuit can be connected to the left or right-hand side of the unit. Dirt filters are also included in the contents of delivery.

The NIBE FIGHTER 1240 is fitted with a 160-litre (available in different corrosion protection), double-jacket hot water heater, which is insulated with polyurethane foam to minimise heat loss. The built-in three-stage cartridge heater can be switched on automatically if needed.

The unit can be connected to a low-temperature distribution system such as radiators, convectors or underfloor heating.

The NIBE FIGHTER 1240 is fitted with a microprocessor to ensure optimal and safe operation. Clear information about status, running time and all essential temperatures in the heat pump are presented on a two-line LCD display. This means that external plant thermometers are not necessary.

The complete NIBE FIGHTER 1240 is enclosed in a robust frame and thanks to sturdy outer panels and effective sound insulation the unit is so quiet, that it does not have a negative effect on living comfort. To ensure simple installation and easy service most panels can easily be removed.

It is possible to cool via the heat source on hot summer day.


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