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Advanced ground source heat pump for large residential and commercial installations.

NIBE FIGHTER 1330 is a ground source heat pump for heating larger buildings such as multi-family houses and large scale industrial plants. Soil, brine or ground water can be used as an energy source. It is a flexible product with advanced control equipment that offers a multitude of system solutions. It can run at two different flow temperatures – if necessary with double heat curves. It is furthermore prepared for controlling an oil fuelled or electric boiler. This ground source heat pump can be controlled in a heating system as either a "master" or "slave".

NIBE FIGHTER 1330 is manufactured in four versions; these feature outputs of 23, 31, 39 and 60 kW.

Due to the two highly effective scroll compressors in a refrigerant circuit of suitable size, the NIBE FIGHTER 1330 achieves a high efficiency. With a heat factor (COP) of at least 4.3 * with an incoming cooling medium temperature of 0° C and an outgoing heating medium temperature of 35°C, the unit is an effective cost saver.

The maximum flow temperature is 65°C with compressors only.

The heat pump consists of two units which contain less than 3 kg refrigerant per unit. The two compressors, which are activated when they are needed, achieve a higher output control by increased operation intervals, which leads to less wear and increased operational safety.

NIBE FIGHTER 1330 enables simultaneous production of heating water and hot water. The production of hot water is prioritised by the activation of one or both compressors.

NIBE FIGHTER 1330 is constructed in such a manner, that the compressors and refrigerant circuits are encased in separate units, which ensures safe servicing. This double sound-proofing of the compressors results in very low noise levels. Circulation pumps and flexible hoses are fitted at the factory. Cooling medium and heating circuits are connected on the back of the device. Dirt filters are included in the delivery.

The NIBE FIGHTER 1330 is fitted with a microprocessor to ensure optimal and safe operation. Clear information on condition, operation time and all temperatures can be read off from the LCD display. External plant thermometers are therefore not necessary.

NIBE FIGHTER 1330 features a robust frame with a strong outer casing. Effective sound-proofing guarantees low noise levels and therefore increased living comfort. Detachable front and side panels make the installation and servicing easier.

Nine NIBE FIGHTER 1330 can be connected together via a control unit to achieve an output of up to 540 kW. It is also possible to cool via brine on hot summer days.

NIBE FIGHTER 1330 can be installed in different ways. Necessary accessories would be for example the room sensor “RG 10” or the equipment for hot water control "VST 11", the temperature signal distributor "TSF 10" and other equipment.


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