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NIBE FIGHTER 2005 utilises the outside air so there is no need for bore holes or coils in the ground.

The unit is equipped with automatic, two-stage capacity control for the ventilator. Furthermore, the NIBE FIGHTER 2005 has been fitted with an electronic control, which controls those functions that are necessary for heat pump operation.

It has been specifically developed for operation with radiator heating systems and is therefore particularly suited for use with most heating systems. An advanced control system for optimal control of the heat pump has been incorporated. The NIBE FIGHTER 2005 is activated via a starting signal from another control, a return sensor or a thermostat.

NIBE FIGHTER 2005 can also be controlled by a specially developed control unit, the SMO 10. This activates the additional heating and monitors the switch between heating operation and hot water production. It can also heat up hot water at high outside temperatures effectively, just as it can deliver high performance to the heating system at low outside temperatures.

NIBE FIGHTER 2005 is ideally docked to the indoor unit VVM 300 (accessory). This contains controls and consists of a hot water heater and additional heater in the form of an electric boiler. NIBE FIGHTER 2005 and VVM 300 together make up a complete heating plant. VVM 300 is equipped with a control box that currently makes it the most economical operator, regarding both for the integrated immersion heaters (max 13.5 kW) and compressor operation in NIBE FIGHTER 2005.

If the outside temperature sinks below the level of the set cut-off temperature, heating must be provided by an external additional heating.

NIBE FIGHTER 2005 is available in sizes 8 and 11 for single phase 230V. The materials used in manufacture have been selected with regard to long service life and consideration of the best possible ruggedness for the weather conditions encountered in Northern Europe .

The unit must be placed in the open on a solid base, ideally on a concrete foundation. It should not be positioned near walls which are sensitive to noise, such as close to bedrooms.

Defrosting, max./min. cut-off temperature, heat activation for both the compressor crank tub as well as the condensation tub are controlled and furthermore the motor protection and the overpressure switch are monitored.

Additionally, the start amount and the length of the respective operation times can be read off.

The built-in control is set up during installation and can then be used as a reference for future maintenance. Otherwise there is no need for the system operator to check the control under normal operating conditions.

It is equipped with an electronic return temperature sensor, which limits the temperature of the return. Flow and return sensors are fitted during installation.

It can be switched on and off by a signal from a different control unit or via a thermostat, for instance via an SMO 10 (accessory).

NIBE FIGHTER 2005 is suitable for a wide range of applications, because it allows alternative integrations.


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