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Air/water heat pump with a new efficient scroll compressor that operates at temperatures down to -20 °C.

NIBE FIGHTER 2020 utilises the outside air so there is no need for bore holes or coils in the ground. NIBE FIGHTER 2020 is designed to be docked to water based heating systems.

  • New efficient scroll compressor that operates at temperatures down to – 20 °C.
  • Automatic 2-step capacity regulator for the fan.
  • Manufactured in three sizes: 8, 10 and 14 kW.
  • Integrated intelligent control for optimum control of the heat pump. NIBE FIGHTER 2020 is started by a start signal from another unit, return sensor or thermostat.
  • NIBE FIGHTER 2020-8 and -10 are ideally docked to the indoor unit VVM 300 (accessory). This contains controls and consists of a hot water heater and additional heater in the form of an electric boiler. NIBE FIGHTER 2020 and VVM 300 together make up a complete heating plant.
  • NIBE FIGHTER 2020 can also be used together with most electric boilers, oil boilers or similar.
  • NIBE FIGHTER 2020 can be controlled from a specially designed control unit, SMO 10. This connects and disconnects additional heat and controls the changeover from room heating to domestic hot water heating.
  • The material has a long service life and is designed to withstand the Nordic outdoor conditions.
  • If the outdoor temperature drops to a level below the stop temperature all heating must then occur with external additional heat.


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