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Mechanical ventilation system with local outside air post-flow using a heat pump, which heats domestic hot water and radiator water using exhaust air energy.

Area of application

The NIBE FIGHTER 360P is designed for single and two-family houses and with heat demands of about 4 – 6 kW (NE standard) with an average room height of 2.50 m.

Technical description

NIBE FIGHTER 360P is a exhaust air heat pump based on FIGHTER 310P. The pump has been enhanced and offers improved performance, communication and design. But still retains its simplicity and user-friendliness.

NIBE FIGHTER 360P consists of an electric boiler, a heat pump and a maintenance-free hot water heater. Energy is recovered from the ventilation exhaust air and fed to the heating system and/or the water heater. NIBE FIGHTER 360P is designed for low temperature radiators and underfloor heating systems.

NIBE FIGHTER 360P has a well-arranged control panel with an informative display. Information about the operational conditions, set values etc. of the pump is clearly seen on the screen.

NIBE FIGHTER 360P has a newly developed control system prepared for communication with computers and central monitoring systems in the house or on the Internet.

The exhaust air pump is equipped with a 8.0 W electric heater and power guard. The new design of NIBE FIGHTER 360P gives a lower sound level and a higher ventilating capacity. The fan has ten output steps that are easily increased or reduced through the control panel or external signal.

The newly developed monitoring program in the compressor in NIBE FIGHTER 360P selects the most favourable temperature conditions at the time, which in turn improves the energy saving qualities of the heat pump.


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