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These stove models can be used outdoors .


1. Carbon free

2. No chimney

3. No ashes

4. Tuv certified

5. No smoke


Alpha black RRP €1004.00 (incl Vat)

This elegant Alpha black patio heater will add a beautiful warm character to your patio with out the mess, relax with friends enjoy
your evening in a warm relaxed atmosphere






Alpha Corteen RRP €1012.00 (incl Vat)

The Alpha Corteen blends in with most patio colour's along with giving you that, same beautiful warm cosey feeling with no mess.



Tippi RRP €1000.00 (incl Vat)
When left standing outside for 3 months it will take on a rusty appearance. giving you the earthly feeling while still maintaining a warm cosy feeling with no mess.
The Tippi come's flat packed and is easy asembled .


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