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Spreading the cost of a renewable energy project over time makes good business sense as you realize the benefits of the installation over time.........

Environmental Installations Ltd and Cell Energy Ireland are pleased to announce that they now offer finance packages for all their renewable technologies from a minimum of £/€1000 up to £/€10 million in Ireland and Northern Ireland. With the increase of oil and electricity bills year on year, it has now become a necessity for everyone to look at how they can reduce their increasing utility bills, at the home, business, school, farm or public or local community building.

Renewable technology such as geothermal heat pumps, heat recovery ventilation, Solar, Wind or Photovoltaic panels are no longer considered the alternative energy resources but rather than the essential.

Alex Byrne, Company Director of EIL and CEI, We want everyone to enjoy the benefits of these energy sources, not just the select few, that is why we are offering the finance. People finance cars and home renovations all the time, so the process is no different, however, the user can enjoy the benefits of a non-existing or reduced heating or electricity bill immediately and ultimately save money and reduce their Carbon footprint in the process. The payback on the investment is over a number of years, but the return in investment is also added to the value of the building.

We offer competitive finance for the following products

•  Wind Turbines
•  Heat Pumps: Geothermal/ Air Water/ Exhaust Air
•  Photovoltaic Panels
•  Heat Recovery Ventilation
•  Solar Thermal Panel

General Information

•  Maximum financed - 10 million – Euro or Sterling
•  100% of the investment can be financed.
•  Hardware and Installation cost is covered – the total cost.
•  Typical APR is 6%
•  Different periods apply – from 2 to 7 years.

The Benefits:

•  Quiet, Clean, Green Energy
•  Low Carbon
•  The renewable energy produced will never go up in price
•  Life Expectancy 20-25 years

For further information or to make and application please contact the office.

We look forward to hearing from you!


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