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Underfloor Heating

A General Explanation

Rooms are heated by (warm 45c) water circulating in continuous pipe loops embedded in the concrete floor.

The floors reach a pleasant temperature of up to 27 degrees and produce a comfortable even heat throughout all the rooms.

Virtually any floor covering can be used such as carpet, tiles, stone and the ever-popular wooden flooring.



How it Works:

As the heat literally radiates from the ground, the room is warmer at the lower levels and cooler at the ceiling therefore the heat from the floor is radiant or reflected onto the occupants.



It supplies evenly distributed heat all around the house. However you can regulate the individual room temperature, as you require, by having a thermostat in every room.

The only part of your heating system on view is a thermostat discreetly located in each room.
There are no radiators to invade your space so furniture can be placed exactly where you want!

Low Running Cost
Your rooms feel warmer at lower thermostat settings
This results with cost reductions from up to 35%

Less air is moved about therefore, less dust is deposited.
The low surface temperature of the under floor system doesn't dry out the air; this is good for asthma sufferers.

Adding Value to your Property
This system will make your property more desirable for resale.

UNIPIPE give a 25-year warranty on all pipe work both under the floor and in the building. It's kind to the environment.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What happens if there is a leak?
A. There is no joints and the pipe used is extremely tough.
High-pressure tests can be done before the cement floor is laid.
If for instance a nail is accidentally hammered into a pipe, a simple mechanical joint or hydraulic joint can fitted for a quick and totally reliable repair. (Fitting can be ordered through environmental installations.).

Q. How warm does the floor surface get?
A. The floor is about 27 degrees, only noticeable when walking around in your bare feet.

Q. Is it more expensive than radiators?
A. Initially it is however if you were to install the same amount of controls into a radiator system as under floor it would roughly be the same price.

Q. Is under Door heating suitable for old buildings?
A. Yes it's suitable for all types of buildings. Ceiling heights not applicable.

Q. In the unlikely case that the boiler overheats will this damage the pipes?
A. No this particular plastic pipe used it will accept up to 110 degrees with no ill effects.



Diagram of Standard Solid Floor Layout Diagram showing Solid Floor for Nail-Fixing Wooden Boards
Diagram showing Wooden Floor over Timber Deck Diagram showing Wooden Floor Over Existing Slab
Diagram of Solid Floor-Single Pour Diagram of Intermediate Floor Hollow Core Pre-Cast Units


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